Society’s problems are big and complex, and the current global system only serves to embed them more deeply.

But some of the world’s most innovative and exciting minds are creating solutions to those problems, and young people all over the world are itching to drive change and transform the system forever, before it’s too late.

At The New Ism, we aim to unearth the ideas, amplify the voices, fuel the fires and help create a sustainable, inclusive global system where humans live within the means of the planet, and all forms of life can thrive.

On our podcast, our founders Mel Young and Alex Matthews interview disruptors, thinkers and leaders about what a better system looks like for them, and what they are doing to try to achieve it. After each interview, a panel of young people reacts to the ideas, adding their own. This dialogue between generations is so important: changing the system will require wisdom, passion, energy and experience from across society. It’s not the job of any one generation to ‘save the world’.

All our conversations, and the ideas and innovations we discuss, are shared with our community, a group of people concerned about the state of the current system, and want to contribute positively to a brighter future.

We also work with carefully selected organisations to create bespoke content that resonates with their area of business, and delivers on the goals of The New Ism.

The discussions we hold on our podcast, in our blogs, in our community and in the content we create for our sponsors varies, but what ties them all together is a profound belief that a system that works for everyone and for the planet is within our grasp, if we can learn how to harness our collective creativity and energy.